• Tracking

    Wheel alignment

    When your vehicle’s wheels are aligned you can avoid any unwanted problems that may occur when you drive. Get them checked and fixed by the experts at an affordable price.

    Avoid unwanted problems

    When you drive, does your car feel unstable on the road? Are the tyres on your vehicle getting worn out very fast? Then it could be a sign of incorrect wheel alignment. Let the specialists get your car wheels aligned properly so that you can enjoy a smooth drive and prolong the life of your tyres. Using the latest laser technology, you can get be assured you will get the longest life from your tyres.

    Using the latest technology

    We use the latest wheel alignment technology to help stop unnecessary wear and tear on your wheels and align them perfectly for a safe and comfortable driving experience every time.

    Why choose us?


    • Precision
    • Improves driving
    • Reduces tyre wear and tear
    • Improves fuel consumption
    • Efficient wheel alignment

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