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Young mechanic using computer while working on car diagnostics in a repair shop


Your care engine deserves some TLC, and Studley Green MOT & Service Centre can provide it.


Many issues can be traced back to a clogged engine.

Have you been struggling to get your vehicle started in the morning? Have you noticed decreased engine performance or increased fuel consumption? Have you been told about increased emissions at your MOT? A clogged engine could be the problem. If so, then FlexFuel Hy-Carbon is the answer. We offer engine cleaning in the High Wycombe area.

Fast and effective

Ensuring your engine is clean and not clogged can give your vehicle a new lease of life.

Auto mechanic fixing a car engine


Many people think that adding expensive additives to their fuel can help to burn away carbon deposits in their vehicle’s engine, but we firmly believe that the FlexFuel Hy-Carbon system is a far better option. An innovative and economical option, it has been certified by the Ministry of Transport and Bureau Veritas. We have seen great results across a wide range of vehicles – if you’d like to see the results for yourself, book your vehicle in today.

Effective and economical engine cleaning that makes a real difference.


An effective way to clean carbon deposits from your engine.

The combustion process that powers your vehicle will always produce carbon as a waste product. This carbon collects within your engine and can form deposits that can clog it, preventing it from functioning as it should. FlexFuel Hy-Carbon is a unique system that can remove these deposits safely.

Soot deposits are commonly found in cylinders, pistons, particle filters, EGR valves and turbos, and can cause expensive problems. FlexFuel Hy-Carbon combines hydrogen and oxygen during the combustion process, destroying the carbon deposits and expelling them through the exhaust system. It’s a non-corrosive process that leaves your engine running smoothly and that can reduce pollution in your vehicle’s exhaust by up to 50%. 

Regain power, reduce fuel consumption, and prolong the life of your engine components by making sure that carbon deposits are effectively removed before they can cause problems. Try FlexFuel Hy-Carbon for yourself – get your vehicle booked in today.

Thorough cleaning for your engine

The FlexFuel Hy-Carbon process can remove soot deposits from:


  •  The ERG valve

  • Engine valves

  • Your vehicle’s turbo

  • The particle filter

Detail of a mechanic using electronic diagnostic equipment to tune a car


If you’re having other problems with your vehicle and need some help to put things right, we offer expert servicing for cars, vans, and commercial vehicles.

Cropped image of mechanics working in auto service

I drive an old Mercedes C220 diesel which I took in for a service and was introduced to HY-CARBON series engine cleaning by the team at Studley Green. I was hesitant at first, but I decided to go ahead as I’ve always been able to trust information and service that I have received from Studley Green staff, and I must say once again, I’m very pleased that I did it - the HY-CARBON engine cleaning makes my car performance much better. I do not know anything about mechanics or engine cleaning, but I do know my car feels like it’s had all it bolts and every screw tightened and it’s running like a dream..." 

Leslie Forde

Professional Mechanic in the garage. Auto repair garage. Hands of car mechanic with wrench
Get in touch today

Choose Studley Green MOT & Service Centre for engine cleaning in the High Wycombe area. We use the FlexFuel Hy-Carbon system for exceptional results. Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more or book your vehicle in.

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